Legal Services

Morrow & Morrow’s objective is to provide legal representation to fully protect the economic and legal interests of employers with respect to injury claims filed under the workers’ compensation laws of California. To meet this objective, Morrow & Morrow provides the following legal services:

  • Defense of California Workers’ Compensation Claims. We defend all aspects of workers’ compensation claims at all Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards throughout California. We either proceed to trial without delay or effectuate a comprehensive settlement structure, with corresponding settlement documents as permitted by California law, to resolve and terminate all issues of potential employer liability. We also attend claim review meetings to assist the employer in bringing cases to a complete conclusion and/or assist in proper case conclusion efforts.

    Ancillary issues that may arise in connection with a California work-related injury claim include: potential liability under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, wrongful termination claims, ADA/FEHA claims and employee benefits.

  • Preservation of Attorney-Client Relationship. Based upon California case law under Labor Code §3755, many California workers’ compensation firms take the position that there is no attorney-client relationship between the insured employer and the insurer-appointed attorney. 109 Cal. App. 4th 1219 (2003). For the purpose of protecting the attorney-client privilege status, particularly in those situations where there is potential employer liability outside exclusive workers’ compensation jurisdiction, we acknowledge the existence of an attorney-client relationship with the employer.

  • Client Seminars. Upon request, Thomas Morrow conducts seminars and training for employers wishing to better understand the current workers’ compensation climate, including the potential impact of new or proposed legislation and case law.